We create digital experiences to help children with migraines.

Happyr App

We are developing a mobile game based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Children and parents can immerse themselves in a fun and engaging world. They learn relaxation techniques and coping strategies.

How it helps


The Happyr App is used in between migraine episodes. It interactively teaches young migraine sufferers and parents new ways to cope with pain.


CBT has been proven to reduce pain intensity, pain frequency, the use of medication, and symptoms of anxiety & depression. (Tang et al. 2018, Fisher et al. 2014, Law et al. 2015).


Serious games are a playful way to engage children in their pain management. It makes the therapy more enjoyable and uses non-conventional methods of behaviour change. (Fleming et al. 2017)

Join us to make children Happyr

Are you a child suffering from migraines or a parent? Become one of the first Happyr testers.