A Happyr life with migraine

Coping with migraine as a joyful self-care ritual.

For kids 6+

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Tame your migraine dragon

Playfully learn how to cope with migraine as a child.

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Empower yourself

Be your happiest self with your daily migraine care rituals.

For parents

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Become an expert

Know exactly how to help your child with migraine.

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You can be your own migraine expert. Learn about migraine, related research and recommended self-care in our resources.

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Learn how to cope Happyr with your migraine.

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Happyr is your companion on the journey to a happyr life with chronic pain.

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What Happyr users say

Happyr Health cleverly weaves in the metaphor of taming a dragon to teach otherwise complex concepts of cognitive behavioural migraine treatment.
Mark A. Connelly PhD
Child Psychologist
I have migraine since I was a child and used several apps before but this is really cool. I check in several times a day and built a self-care ritual with its help.
A Tamer App user
20 y.o.
Excellent review of migraine in children and very useful advice on how to manage it. I will be recommending this course to my patients.
Dr ishaq Abu-Arafeh
Paediatric neurologist

Be Happyr

Start enjoying your self-care rituals today

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