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Be Happyr
Tame your pain

Live a happyr life with migraine.

Play Video about pop up showing breathing exercise

Take a breath

A breath will not cure migraine. We know that. But a breath will help you find a happyr perspective on your pain.

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What Happyr users say

Love the breathing exercises!! They perfectly fit on a commute and calm me before a busy day at school.
A Tamer App user
18 y.o.
I have migraine since I was a child and used several apps before but this is really cool. I check in several times a day and built a self-care ritual with its help.
A Tamer App user
20 y.o.
Finally an app that focuses on mental health for people with migraine. Living with migraine is hard, really hard, but Tamer makes it more enjoyable.
A Tamer App user
23 y.o.

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