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Explaining migraine to kids

A Dragon Tamer’s Guide: How to tame your migraine dragon
makes migraine self-care a joy for children.

Become a Migraine Tamer

In the Dragon Tamer’s Guide, young Almara teaches kids about dragons (migraine) and how she learnt to tame hers. Almara and her dragon Farren introduce families to coping strategies, teaching them about the mysteries of dragons, how to fly (breathing exercises), travel to calming places together (guided imagery), and much more.

What Happyr readers say

I highly recommend this excellent resource for any young soon-to-be dragon (migraine) tamers and their caregivers.
Mark A. Connelly PhD
Child psychologist
We loved the book! Addressing migraine as a dragon and a, well, difficult companion made talking about migraine with my son much easier.
Mother of a son with migraine