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Migraine Management

Caffeine and Migraine: To avoid or not to avoid?

There is no single answer when it comes to explaining the link between caffeine and migraine. This is because caffeine is regarded as both a trigger of and and a treatment for attacks.

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Migraine in children & teens

Holiday Headaches: Sun, Sea, and Migraine

Many people find themselves dealing with a headache on holiday. Going away can be stressful, but there are things to do that can help!

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Migraine in children & teens

TGIF: Weekend Migraine and Habits to Avoid It

You wake up on Saturday morning with a throbbing headache. You get it most Saturdays. You have weekend migraine. But you can avoid it!

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Migraine Management

Migraine Symptoms: Is it all just headaches?

When it comes to migraine, most people’s first thought is to do with headaches. But the condition is associated with many other symptoms.

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