Co-create Happyr Version 2

Your feedback matters. With you, we can develop the Happyr App to help more young adults cope with migraine.

Join as user tester and decide how the app should evolve!

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    Why me?

    You are either a young person 13-25 with migraine. Or you already are one of our app users. That’s why you’ll know best what improvements are needed in your migraine self-care or in the Happyr App.

    How will i be involved?

    From a quick WhatsApp message to 25min video calls. It’s completely up to you which activity you join. 

    What's in it for me?

    You design your own self-care tool that exactly meets your needs.

    Involvement is usually voluntary but we sometimes offer small rewards for certain user tests (>20💸/h). And you can always get a reference from us confirming your voluntary work.

    Who is Nicola

    Nicola has been living with migraine since age four. Those personal experiences are the reason why she started to develop the Happyr App. Nicola is our Product Lead and we’ll be your contact point.

    The Happyr App is our first product to deliver self-care techniques and help you to tame your pain dragon.

    By now, we are a diverse team of product designers, software experts, artists, psychologists, neurologists, pain experts, and most importantly, young people living with migraine.

    Become a part of our community and co-create version two of the Happyr App.

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