Entrepreneurs prize marks success of migraine therapy app

Lucy Cavendish College MSt student Nicola Filzmoser (Entrepreneurship in Healthcare Innovation at Judge Business School) in partnership with Cornelius Palm, won the Cambridge University Entrepreneurs (CUE) 2k Challenge (first prize £2000) for their newly launched project Puddle, which aims to help children with migraines.

One of the founders of Happyr Health, and herself a migraine sufferer, Nicola understands the problems associated with childhood migraines all too well. 1 in 10 children are suffering from the condition which affects their physical, emotional and social wellbeing severely. Nicola and Cornelius help the children by offering them psychological support in a format that they enjoy. Happyr Health offers cognitive behavioural therapy to children with migraines via mobile games. They hope this will help to make growing up more playful than painful. It uses technology, initially an app, which delivers supporting and coping strategies for the child and its family in the format of games and stories.

With their project, they managed to convince the jury of Cambridge University Entrepreneurs and thus win one of the most successful student-run business creation competitions in the world. Visit Happyr Health https://happyrhealth.com

Nicola says: “We had the honor of winning yesterday’s prize in the software category at the CUE 2k Challenge. This is a great validation, showing us that our passion is also inspiring others. Thank you to the team at Cambridge University Entrepreneurs and for everyone who is joining our progress in making the life of children with migraines a bit more playful”.

About CUE

Cambridge University Entrepreneurs (CUE) hosts one of the most successful student-run business creation competitions in the world. CUE’s main events are the £100, £2k and £10k competitions. From ‘just an idea’ to ‘we’re ready to scale’, their competitions and accompanying mentorship aim to guide participants towards creating a commercially viable company – regardless of whether they win.

The competitions are open to individuals and teams from three categories: ‘Software’, ‘Social Enterprise’ and ‘Science and Technology’.

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