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(Game) artist

In a nutshell

You are a (2D) game artist and want to help people and do good? We support young people who experience chronic pain with digital therapy. You can design the environments, assets, and characters for our storyline. You understand lean start-up, appreciate iterative design and experimentation, and follow user needs. You can take on a new project from ideally asap. We’ll start with a contract for the first project and will work together for future projects if we both see a good fit.

In detail

Happyr Health changes the game in chronic pain management for adolescents and young adults. 

Chronic pain is a complex and devastating condition. 1 in 4 young people are affected. Chronic pain leads to disability, loss of independence and a poor quality of life. Often, it is accompanied by anxiety and depression. That’s why Cornelius and Nicola, two chronic pain patients themselves, founded Happyr Health.

Happyr Health provides digital support to young people with chronic pain, starting with those who suffer from migraine & recurring headaches. Together with multiple experts in pediatric neurology & psychology, we offer a digital and engaging migraine management app that helps them deal with their physical and emotional wellbeing. The app uses storytelling and gamification to engage adolescents, their families, and young adults in the process. It supports doctors to provide a more accurate diagnosis and allows Happyr Health to tailor digital interventions to the needs of young pain patients.

It’s our vision to make mental health support for people with chronic pain as important, accessible, and easy as taking a pill.


What will you work on?

You will create the 2D in-game artwork for our app ranging from environments, characters, and assets to simple animations. 

We are looking for a simple and yet engaging style that appeals to both adolescents and adults.


Who will you work with?
  • You will work alongside us, the two co-founders of Happyr Health. We are Nicola & Cornelius, two Cambridge alumni, experienced in start-ups and healthcare.
  • We also work with experts in the fields of medicine, psychology, app development and AI. We have many supporters, including world-renowned professors and doctors.
  • Most importantly, however, are the people for whom we founded Happyr Health. Together with the team, you will be in direct contact with young people experiencing migraine and their parents to deeply understand their needs.
Who are you?
  • You are experienced in 2D game artist and have a lean start-up mindset that allows for iterations as we find the right style for our characters and visuals. 
  • Your impact matters. Our core is to help people and to do good. We have to perform at the highest level, a lot depends on us. We have to rely on each other.
  • Our product will grow and our plans do not stop after the first app, we will continuously strive to fulfill our vision with new innovations. When we both see a good fit, there’ll be more and more contracts we can collaborate on. Our common goal should be, you become a full member of our team.
Diversity matters

Research has shown: Innovation is fueled by diversity. That is why we ask for information, such as your working style and personality. To work successfully with us in your new role and feel happy and fulfilled, answer the questionnaires conscientiously and honestly. There are no bad or wrong answers if they have been answered authentically.

Therefore, we are asking you to take a personality test here and share your results with us.

When to start?

As soon as possible. Later start dates can be discussed.

Application process

#1 Take the personality test and upload a screenshot of your results. 

#2 Upload your CV (if you have)/ and or a portfolio/ and or prior work examples. It does not need to be in a fancy format.

#3 We interview & assess.

#3 We finalize the contract.

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