Happyr Health – winner of CUE’s 2k Competition

Happyr Health team with mentor at Cambridge Judge Business School

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We would love to congratulate Happyr Health, the winner of CUE’s 2k competition in the Software Category!

Founded by Cornelius Palm and Nicola Filzmoser, Happyr Health is about delivering personalised and playful cognitive behavioural therapy for children with migraine.

Like 1 in 10 children, Nicola suffers from migraine. Nicola is a migraine patient for more than 16 years. She has a deep understanding of the patients and parents needs. Cornelius was suffering from chronic abdominal pain as a child and he worked for >5 years as a paramedic. For both founders, it is a very personal mission to help and transform the healthcare system.

Children with migraines mainly receive pharmaceutical support. Their health condition continues to affect their psychological & social well-being severely. Happyr Health’s digital solutions provide children worldwide with access to cost-effective psychotherapy. This can reduce their current levels of pain intensity & frequency. The digital solution aims to reduce the risk of the child developing anxiety and depression. Hence, Happyr Health’s solution positively impacts a sufferer’s quality of life.

Furthermore, Happyr Health can reduce the economic burden of chronic pain, as its self-care cognitive behavioural interventions can reduce the need for medication & high-touch inpatient hospital visits. Happyr Health not only introduces new approaches to seemingly unsolvable problems but will transform paediatric pain management from a one-sided (biological) to a multidisciplinary treatment approach. Happyr Health’s personalised treatment can deliver efficiencies to keep healthcare systems sustainable in the face of rising costs.

Everyone says you have to be fast! But progress is not measured in hours worked. You do not get rewarded for a burnout. Progress is a movement towards a goal. In the beginning, it is very difficult to define a destination. Take your time, be patient, define the problem precisely and test hypotheses before you run in the wrong direction.

Happyr are excited to welcome anyone motivated to support children with chronic pain diseases to work with them. If you’re interested in joining them, shoot us a message at [email protected].

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