'Happyr' Research Project

This research study is conducted in collaboration between Happyr Health and the University of Stirling. We want to find out how young people (10-24 years) interact with the Happyr: Migraine Diary and Tamer: Migraine Meditation apps and how usage of these apps may support young people in managing their migraine pain.

This page holds all the information about our study. Should you have any further questions, please contact the research team directly lom00227@students.stir.ac.uk.

Join our study in 4 easy steps

1. Read information sheet

Please read the participant information sheet (PIS) to understand what your involvement in the study would look like.

2. Join the study

Please read the participant consent form and follow the instructions if you want to join the study. Please note that for under 16 years, you first need to ask your parent to complete the permission form below, before you can sign the form yourself to join the study.

Under 16? First ask your parent to sign the <16 consent form. Then you will be sent a link via email to join the study.

Over 16? Please sign the >16 consent form.

3. Download the apps

You'll get a link to download the Happyr app for iOS or Android.

4. Get started!

After giving your consent, a short survey will be available. Once this survey is complete, you will get access to the apps for 3 weeks. Please note the recommended app usage as follows: - Happyr: Migraine Diary – once a day - Tamer: Migraine Meditation – twice a week (3 short exercises each session)

At the end of this period, if you completed the initial short survey, you must complete this survey again. There will also be a second short survey for completion. As a thank you for completing these surveys, you will be put forward to our prize draw for the chance to win one of five £20 Amazon vouchers.

For those who are also taking part in the focus groups, we will structure these in line with age profiles to allow all participants to feel comfortable sharing their experience. These interviews will last up to 1 hour. In recognition of this, all participants will receive a £10 Amazon voucher as a token of our thanks.

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