The Right Support Network for Migraine

Migraine can be an isolating condition. Finding the right migraine support network, however, can make this daunting condition manageable.
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A massive 6 million people suffer from migraine in the UK. Although this may seem like a lot, there is no denying that the condition can often be an isolating one. Those without the condition may struggle to empathise with your symptoms. You may feel you can’t escape your pain – that you have lost control of your own body. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way. Finding a migraine support network is just one thing you can do to make you feel less alone.

What are the benefits of joining a support network?

Have you ever described the pain of a migraine attack to someone, and they have replied with a well-intentioned albeit unhelpful ‘Have you tried yoga?’.

Whilst talking about your condition with others is certainly useful when it comes to confronting and controlling your emotions, communication can often be difficult if it is with people who don’t fully understand your condition. And this is where migraine support networks come into play. Just being around people who ‘get’ what you go through can be really comforting. Individuals who also have migraine are less likely to ignore or diminish what you have to say about the condition. Instead, you are likely to feel validated and understood. This, in itself, can have a huge impact on making you feel less alone.

Migraine support networks have even more benefits besides the amazing emotional ones they provide. They offer the opportunity to share tips and tricks about managing migraine. You may learn of a new, effective treatment. Or perhaps someone will point out a potential attack trigger which you may not have noticed. Plus, you get to make some new friends and have fun with people who you have something in common with!

How do I find the right migraine support network?

Over the past two years, reaching out to others has become a lot harder as everything has moved online. That being said, the internet offers a huge number of potential ways to interact with others who suffer from migraine. Using the ‘search’ feature on social medias like Twitter and Instagram can be a good way to find others talking about the condition. Type in hashtags like ‘#migraine’ or something similar will immediately bring up posts using the word! Other options include requesting to join any migraine support groups you find on Facebook. Just log on to your laptop, get exploring, and you are bound to find others who are keen to help you!

If you would rather find an in-person support network, there are things to keep in mind to make sure you find the network that fits you! Look for messages that resonance with you. Consider how big the group is, where they meet, and how often they meet-up. You could always try one out and see how you feel. Remember, you are joining a support network to feel supported. It is therefore really important you find one that makes you feel welcome and provides you with the guidance and comfort you need.

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