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Let me teach you everything I learned from having migraine as a child.

Nicola Filzmoser

Lifelong migraine patient & designer of tools for children's pain management

How I learned to cope with migraine

I am Nicola and I have been living with migraine since I was 4 years old. From then my parents and I were on a journey to find ways that can reduce the pain. And to reduce the pain’s impact on my emotional wellbeing, my school attendance, my social connections. 

We would have tried whatever was recommended. At some point, however, it seemed that we had reached the end. Was there really nothing else? Or did we simply not know where else to look for solutions?

As a young adult, I started to read scientific studies to learn about methods that would help. And since several years I have been closely working with pain experts and migraine specialists. I learned about the importance of equally treating physical symptoms and my emotional wellbeing. And I got better. I overcame the fears that migraine taught me, the fear of starting courses at highly demanding Universities. The belief that migraine wouldn’t allow me to travel and explore the world as my peers would. The thought that migraine is all that defines me which resulted in losing my confidence, being anxious. 

The journey to becoming a resilient woman was challenging (and I am probably still on my way). One thing I am certain about is that my parents were my best supporters in getting there. 

Today, I want to be here for you. In this course, I curated 5 modules ranging from migraine basics to tips for actual behaviour change. So we can help our children to be happy & healthy. To be resilient and able fulfil their potential!

My overall goal is to share the latest scientific knowledge combined with my lifelong experience about how we can support children with migraine.

What to expect from the course

In 19 video lessons (each would fit a coffee break), I’ll share the best practices for migraine management in children.

👩‍💻 5 modules with 19 video lessons

📝 Interactive worksheets & ebook

ℹ️ Links to further resources

💚 We donate 10% of course purchases to migraine charities 

💬 30min call with Nicola to discuss your individual questions

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Become a migraine expert

Learn about migraine in simple terms. So simple, you could explain it to your child. 

Build healthy habits

You told your child 100x to drink more and relax? Let me teach you simple behaviour change techniques for a healthy lifestyle. 

Be a resilient family

Migraine doesn’t only impact your child. It impacts the whole family. Find out how to look after your child’s and your own emotional wellbeing.

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  2. The most considerable part will help develop the Happyr Health App, an app that supports children, adolescents, and young adults in coping with chronic pain. For the app, we work with world-leading pain and migraine experts, psychologists, software developers, and artists. 
  3. A small part, to pay payment provider fees that allow us to make the course available to all of you.

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