Involving migraine patients

At the centre of everything we do are patients. We work with those, who know best what it means to live with chronic pain to design solutions that actually help.

Built with patients

Every product we build is built from patients, our founders, and with with the involvement of patients, our patient board.

You can shape what migraine care looks like. Have your say and develop it together with us.

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Why I got involved

Having struggled to manage migraine as a young adult, I know what it’s like to feel alone and hopeless. Thankfully, Happyr Health exists to give young people and their caregivers a supportive community for navigating pain management. I’m proud to play a small part in connecting Dragon Tamers with solutions by providing what insight I can.
Suffering from migraine is bad - not understanding what it means to suffer from it is even worse. I would like to help create an understanding and help young people deal with it.

Our Patient Advisory Board

Yashasri member of patient board


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