TikTok Community Engagement Intern


TikTok Community Engagement Intern

Who are we?

At Happyr Health we support young people with migraine and their parents with playful and digital pain management. The two co-founders are Nicola and Cornelius.

Who are you?

A University of Cambridge student (undergraduate, postgraduate or PhD) or recent graduate (Santander requirement) who is eager to create engaging, come-back-for-more content for young migraine sufferers (16-24 years old).


What will you do?

As a TikTok community engagement intern at Happyr Health, you become responsible for the content of our channel.


What should the content be like?

Migraine is affecting 1 in 10 young people. It is a disabling disease that affects them and their families severely. The content we want to share must be engaging, relevant, kind and correct. Other than that, we have no creative judgement or boundaries set for you.


What should the content not be like?

Boring, mean (e.g. by joking at other people’s expense), misleading or incorrect.


How can we support you?

We can provide you with many reliable sources to help with content curation. We can also provide visual aid if necessary.


Of course, we can’t expect you to be an expert in paediatric migraine. We are happy to share our experience and built up expertise, as well as deep insights into the world of families of young migraine patients so that you can easily communicate in a relevant and empathetic way.



When do you start?

We are applying for a Santander internship award, as soon as that is granted (earliest 1st of June) you could start but we are flexible.


What is the duration?

Working hours, if mutually agreed, can be distributed across the year. We prefer rather regularly, with learning cycles, adjustments and continuous improvement than frequently.


How are the working hours?

Flexible, work whenever you enjoy it most and the creativity sparks.

  • No more than 35 hours per week (Santander requirement).


Salary £?

  • Minimum pay rate of £9 per hour (£10.75 per hour if located within the boroughs of Greater London).
  • The maximum salary expenditure is £1,000 (placement) / £1,260 (internship) (the full amount of the Santander award).





How to apply?

Provide some quick details in our application form

  • Such as LinkedIn & TikTok profile, a few sentences about your background and why you are interested in the role.

What is the application process?

#1 You provide some quick details in our application form.

#2 We review your application

#3 We respond within 7-14 days to interview you in a 30 min video chat

#4 We evaluate your application again

#5 We inform you about our decision

#6 You provide specific details (such as start date, availability, duration) & personal information for the provisional contracts

#7 We supply you with provisional basic contracts (incl. NDA & Copyright agreement)

#7 We apply for the Santander internship/ work placement award

#8 We inform you about the outcome

#9 We start to create meaningful, engaging, come-back-for-more content for young migraine sufferers (16-24 years old) with you.

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